Help for Haiti from Bloggers

As you probably know, earthquakes have devastated Haiti. Relief agencies and U.S. and International officials are trying to save lives and avert chaos and they are in need of donations.

Many bloggers are raising funds online and we hope you will open your hearts and donate if you can to support relief efforts.

AJ Lawrence of The Jar Group is offering a matching grant of up to $1500 to members of the social media family who are raising money for Haiti. If you are using your blog to raise money for a reputable, registered non-profit operating in Haiti, or if you are a company or individual that would like to match donations, please feel free to contact us at info [at] and to add your post to our facebook page.

Below are some posts raising money for Haiti and matching information, if any.  Please feel free to share this list and copy it.  We will update with new posts and totals as available.  Through these campaigns, you can help contribute and show your support:

The LA Times has a list of organizations accepting donations for Haiti, including:

Here are two more excellent organizations:

Many of these organizations (@AmeriCares @MSF_usa @RedCross @yelehaiti @unicef @salvationarmy @Care @PIH_Org) also have excellent Twitter updates on their work in Haiti.

Edited to Add: @KristineBrite has suggested using #blog4haiti on Twitter for blog posts about #Haiti. — Great Idea!

UPDATED 1/17: I’ve found some lists with hundreds of bloggers making pledges for Haiti. I’m adding a Link Widget below so please feel free to add your link if you have a post about your financial donation to a reputable charity working in Haiti:

Photo Credit: United Nations

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5 comments on “Help for Haiti from Bloggers

  1. Jenny January 15, 2010 8:21 pm

    I have created a website at Tons of popular bloggers and website owners have donated products and services to be raffled off. We have already collected over $4000.00!!! All money donated will be given to the Red Cross and Compassion International. Thanks,
    Simply Delightful Designs

  2. Kelly January 17, 2010 9:38 am

    Thanks for including my post in your roundup of bloggers helping.
    Did you see this?
    Ree is donating, “the full amount of $2585.00 will be sent to each of the three charities.” Plus $1,000 for the winners, and the tasty kitchen total. WOW. She is just awesome.

  3. Bloganthropy January 17, 2010 11:03 am

    Kelly–we’ve updated Ree’s total and link! Great news! Thank you for the information.

  4. Liz January 17, 2010 9:47 pm

    I’m thrilled to see so much support for Haiti from other bloggers. I’m also donating to Haiti on my blog – $1 for new email subscribers, $.50 for new facebook fans and reader subscribers, $.25 for comments on any post.

    I can donate up to $250, which will be matched by my company for a total of $500. My husband said that if I get enough response that our donation would be more than $250, he’s willing to reopen the discussion and we can discuss giving up to $500 (total of $1000 after company match).

    I would LOVE to have to go back to him and tell him I’m at $350 or even $500. So please do what you can to help me!


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